The Social Network For Your Apartment Building

Use the CoHab app to meet great people in your apartment building.

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The Social Layer for your Apartment Building

CoHab is a simple, free and easy to use app where you let your neighbors know what you are up to. It’s driven by the community for the community. CoHab is a tool to connect neighbors to make friends, plan activities and build community.

Connect with your neighbors

You now have an easy way to start conversations and make plans with your neighbors.

Activities happening this week

Build friendships with neighbors, explore and have a great time in your city.

Groups formed within your building

Whether it is hiking, running, board games, concerts - you now have an easy way to meet people in your your building with shared interests to do the things you love.

We're Passionate About Community

You don’t have to travel across the world to find your people or an adventure. There are great people in your building to start exploring with RIGHT NOW. Your apartment building is filled with a collection of creative and interesting people. You just need a simple way to meet them and plan activities.

CoHab provides the tool to help apartment buildings turn into real communities. People crave connection, creativity, shared experiences and adventure. CoHab has been built to create the social layer for your communities to make the process of finding your people and building your community much easier. At CoHab our aim is to help urban dwellers connect with those in close proximity. We believe this is important to create community, which ultimately promotes a happier, healthier and more fulfilled existence.

To get in touch, please reach out to:

Launching in your building in the fall of 2018.

Be the first to know about new developments with CoHab. Join the community!

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